Make Your Driveway Look Like New Again

Hire a preferred driveway pressure washing company in Lansing, MI

Is your driveway starting to look green? Bailey Brothers Exterior Cleaning LLC provides high-quality driveway pressure washing services for all types of driveways, both new and old. We travel throughout the Lansing, MI area to help homeowners boost their curb appeal and make their homes look newer. Even something as simple as driveway washing can have a big impact on the overall appearance of your home.

A pristine driveway is just a call away! Reach out today to schedule your appointment.

3 steps to a cleaner driveway

When you hire Bailey Brothers Exterior Cleaning for driveway pressure washing services, we'll take care of absolutely everything for you. We will:

  1. Pre-treat the concrete to kill any mold and mildew
  2. Pressure wash the driveway to get rid of mold and stains
  3. Perform a final rinse to wash off dirt and all other debris

We can also remove rust stains from irrigation systems. Contact us today to discuss your driveway washing needs.